COVID-19 Compliance Officer


Covid-19 Company Compliance Officer
We have now added a COVID – 19 Compliance officer placement program which our clients can lean on for support. Our officers are enabled to ensure all areas of your operations are controlled and compliant whilst you focus on your business.

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COVID – 19 Compliance officer placement program

We want to assist you the Employer / responsible person in ensuring a reasonable COVID – 19 return to workplace plan as this is our moral and legal obligation to all. ENACT Solutions has trained over 2000 workers on Workplace COVID – 19 return to workplace principles on – line and assisted over 200 companies with successful COVID – 19 health and safety plans in 5 different countries so far.

Compliance officer responsibilities:

  • 1. Return to workplace COVID – 19 Management system.
  • 2. COVID – 19 return to workplace contingency plan.
  • 3. Establish and chair a COVID -19 return to workplace Committee.
  • 4. COVID- 19 workplace Risk Assessments, implement and manage controls.
  • 5. On site screening processes and controls.
  • 6. PPE surveys.
  • 7. Monitor and control social distancing behavior.
  • 8. Implement disinfecting and sanitizing measures.


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