Evacuation Courses

Being truly prepared for most reasonable incidents, takes time and requires investment.

Evacuation Warden


An Evacuation Warden is tasked with the important role of ensuring safe evacuation and clearing of areas and buildings, experiencing an emergency incident. 

Our training is accredited and satisfies legal requirements for employers.


emergency planning


We assist businesses, property owners and portfolio managers to fulfil their legal obligations in respect of emergency planning. Our technical teams apply decades of emergency management and mitigation experience, ensuring that your project safety is both safe and compliant.

We consult to projects of varying sizes and dynamics, throughout Africa on business continuity and risk resilience programs. Ask us how we can help you prepare.

Evacuation Drills


Putting an organisations response and resilience systems to the test, is an integral part of maintaining an effective system. In addition to evacuation systems, various other components of a safe working system are put to the test. These include first-aid capacity, access and egress routes both internal and external, incident management, support services etc. The importance of these exercises cannot be stressed enough. It is for these reasons that the law requires all businesses to undergo this process, at least once a year and at more frequent intervals, relative to the risk profile. 

We have conducted countless evacuations and assessments, from operations in the mining industry through to complex multi-storey commercial parks. Let our 50+ years of practical planning in the South African context, prepare your teams for any eventuality.

How to get it right – where it matters most…

Being truly prepared for most reasonable incidents, takes time and requires investment. Ensuring that policies and culture support the drive for a safe working environment, are key to sustainable compliance.

An assessment of an organisation and its infrastructure is a good starting point. Invest in having a third party assess your compliance and systems. Apply remedial findings and maintain the systems that arise as a result of this process. Skills and confidence in an emergency are key! Invest in quality training – it pays when it counts.

Ask us how we can help you design your roadmap to compliance.


Skills Development Programs